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My Favorite Garden Tools (aka Gifts for Gardeners that they will actually use!)

Heads up:  This is not your typical 'Best Gardening Tools' internet know, the type created by people that have never picked up a shovel, much less actually used the tools in an honest to goodness garden.   Every single item on my personal "Best Of" list is one that I actually use, year in and year out, and I'll tell you exactly why I love it.  There are no sponsors, collaborations or generic lists of gardening tools here!   I've provided links to the actual tools I use or, if they are no longer available (my edger is 20+ years old!), I'll link to a close match. --------------- Throughout the season, I often find myself in conversations with other gardeners, both new and seasoned, about the tools that I use in the garden - " My hose is leaking yet again...have you found a durable one ?"  " I love my weeder - which one do you use? "  " Do you think those $80 pruners are really worth it? " - you get the idea (and yes,

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