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Interesting Perennials I'm Growing...From Seed! (Part 1)

Last year I grew a slew of perennials from seed - everything from Echinacea & Rudbeckia to Salvias, Nepeta & Penstemon.  While not everything was a resounding success, I had SO much fun nonetheless!  And the best part?  I ended up with dozens of beautiful perennial seedlings for a fraction of the cost. A variety of 1st year blooming Salvias in last year's perennial holding bed, where tiny seedlings grow over the summer before being transplanted into the garden Seeing those babies germinate and grow, then transplanting them to the ornamental border was so incredibly satisfying.  I can't wait until it starts to warm up so that I can see them come to life and really bulk up this year.  I'm expecting a casualty or two over the winter but I do have my fingers crossed that most of them make it through. Nepeta 'Pink Panther' only a few months after sowing Of course, now that I caught the bug, I ended up ordering a few more interesting perennial seeds this year &

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