Friday, July 31, 2020

A New Type of Chard

This year, I only grew one type of chard - perpetual chard.  I've also seen it go by perpetual spinach, perpetual spinach chard, beet leaf spinach or sea kale.  Perpetual chard is part of the beet family, just like Swiss Chard, but falls in a different group (Beta vulgaris Cicla Group vs. Swiss chard, with it's thick stalks, which falls in the Flavescens group).  Learn something new everyday, don't we?

Saturday, July 25, 2020

First Tomato of 2020!

The first tomato has been harvested and, as usual, it is something to celebrate!

Bloody Butcher
Bloody Butcher is very quick to the finish line.  In fact, it will often ripen before the cherry tomatoes (as is the case this year).

While I'll pop the first cherries right into my mouth when they ripen, the first larger tomatoes are usually destined for a BLT - tomato season is the only time of year we eat them since the tomato flavour is such a big part of that sandwich.

But this year, BLTs will have to wait.  I am fresh out of Bloody Butcher seeds, so I have these marked to save.  And just so that I don't forget, I try to place a marker in front of each variety to be saved as a reminder.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Onion Progress

The onions have started to bulb up, which is always exciting!

This year I only planted 2 varieties, which happened to be the only long day varieties that I could get my hands on at Baker Creek Seeds - Wethersfield and Stuttgarter.  While I grew Wethersfield last year, Stuttgarter is a new-to-me variety.

Friday, July 17, 2020

A New Approach

Let me jump right in - I've been silent here for a while for three reasons.  Firstly, there's the usual mid-summer reason - busy, busy, busy in the garden.  Secondly, there's the fact that "stay at home" means that I've had exactly 2 days in the past 4 months of alone time - Mother's Day and my birthday.  Yup - that's it.  And thirdly, our lives, just like everyone else's, have changed over this time and the blog fell by the wayside.

Area #1 vegetable garden at dusk
The stress of the pandemic, of course, is ongoing, as are the practical aspects of having people home all the time - I both dread (is it contaminated?) and celebrate (no cooking & dishes!) the occasional times we get take-out.